An eCommerce web site allows customers to purchase a product on-line and securely pay for that product over the internet with the owner or Merchant having little or no intervention.

eCommerce solutions are commonly known as shopping carts. Typically the shopping cart is just a small section of the eCommerce web site. Our eCommerce web site solutions provide a database driven product management system, customer data collection, online newsletter marketing tool, sales and consumer statistics, voucher redemption and much more.

Why is eCommerce so important?

Over half of the British population now uses the internet to make purchases and consumer retail spending this year will grow by 26 percent over the £92 billion spent in 2005. Half the world’s population has access to the Web and these figures are growing by the minute.

As a merchant or shop owner it is vital that you take part in this internet shopping revolution. If you have already established a commercial operation have you considered expanding onto the web?

We offer a competitive, cost effective eCommerce solution suitable for both start-up and established businesses